Four Superb Strategies to Close a Sale Online with No Phone Contact

Close sale
Close sale

As many people probably already know making a sale over the phone is generally going to be more effective than faceless transactions like online sales. Nonetheless, if you have a website that sells your goods and service for you phone interactions can with the right steps become a thing of the past. Of course, the first step is to create a website and drive traffic to it. This is a completely different playing field altogether. Once you have visitors regularly attending your website, however, you merely have them on the hook. How do you close the sale without tone, verbal cues, or the usual face to face social pressure that helps? There’s no ironclad way to do this all the time but here are a few methods that work.

1.    Make it Urgent

As you know if a customer puts off their buying decision until later the sale is almost always dead on arrival. Chances are they will forget, procrastinate until kingdom come, or find someone else long after they’ve forgotten about you. So the key is to push your potential customers to make a decision NOW. Some methods may include offering a discount that’s only available if you buy now, or special perks like free shipping, but for one day only. Give them that extra nudge to buy now instead of waiting till later.

2.    Establish Authority and Credibility

It’s becoming more common knowledge that people are more likely to follow people they view as authority figures. Some ways that businesses might employ this is through tone, communication, and even subtle details like sporting a nice suit to create the image of authority. Doing this online can be more difficult, however, there are some ways. Try to cite research, studies, and other relevant facts that establish your product as a must-buy. You could consider posting recommendations from famous authority figures in the industry or simply well-liked celebrities thoughts on it. You could also include links to news articles and real media appearance.

Not only will this establish authority, but it will put your customer’s more at ease for those who are skeptical of buying online.

3.    Referral Marketing

Once you have even a small base of customers the best way to increase your sales is put in a system of referrals. Word-of-mouth marketing is one of the best and most effective ways to spread your brand and rapidly increase your sales. Many businesses will offer referral programs for customers once they’re “in” that provide incentives for telling a friend. Offers may include free products or samples, a points system for earning such a reward, or even a small cash payment for each person they successfully refer. This allows your most satisfied customers to do the work for you.

4.    Bonus Offer

Offering a limited time free gift that comes with your purchase is a great way to reel someone in, and quick. They may be at the tipping point of making a purchase when suddenly they see the value is increased with a special offer attached with that purpose. This might include a sample, or a related or unrelated product. This sweetens the deal and when offered for a limited time offers even more of that sense of urgency we mentioned.