Three Quick Methods to Rank on Page One of Google

Number One
Number One

Page One on Google is the only place to be to get the traffic that you want and need. The key to getting to page one is to do it very carefully. There are many services in the world that will promise to get you to page one, but they are using tactics that can get your website banned, outright banned, by Google.

A cautionary tale: We knew a guy who had a website that operated like StubHub. He resold tickets to sporting events and got paid a commission. He hired a company in Southeast Asia to get him to page one in a very competitive market. They got him to page one, for about a day. Then Google shut him down and he spent months getting them to let him back in. When they did it lasted for about a month. The residual ‘cheats’ that the person he’d hired used still existed somewhere in the aether and the search algorithm crushed him. He is out of business with that and doing something else, poorer, yet wiser.

The moral of the story: Don’t try to cheat. If you do and Google catches you, you might as well close your doors. You’re done.

An important note: No one really knows exactly how to get to page one. The reason is that Google guards their search algorithm like a state secret. The reality is that a multi-billion dollar business, one of the largest companies in the world, is built upon that algorithm. It would be easier to steal the US nuclear codes than to get Google’s precise algorithm. Everything you read, including this article, is based on experience and experimentation, not actual Google-verified facts.

Now for three ways to get to page one without cheating.

Long-tail keywords

That’s a silly name for something that’s obvious. The whole world is specializing. Every doctor is a specialist. Every website focuses on a single object. A long tail keyword is simply a keyword (or keyphrase, technically) that someone would actually search for.

Here’s an example:

Shoe – Too short
Running shoe – Still too short
Red Nike running shoe women’s ultra-light – That’s the kind of keyword you’re looking to rank for.

If you sell red Nike women’s ultra-light running shoes, the person that clicks on your link is going to buy your product. They are your customer. That’s precisely why Google wants to send them to you. A customer that finds what they want using Google once is far more likely to use it again.

Finding long-tail keywords isn’t difficult. One of the best places is at the bottom of your Google search. Those suggested searches at the bottom of your Google page are long-tail keyphrases. Google’s Keyword Planning Tool (or whatever incarnation that’s in now) is also the ideal place to look.

Google+ – Set up a Google+ page

Did you even know that Google+ still exists? Do you know what it is? Google+ is Google’s social media site. When it started, it was everything to everyone.

Google got into social media late, but with an interesting paradigm. They imported the best features of Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn and YouTube (which Google owns) all onto one platform.

As a social media platform, it never really caught on. Nonetheless, everything in Google is linked to it. When you set up a Google account, you are automatically given a Google+ page. For your business, this can be the way to ranked on Google’s search engine.

For example, you will rarely see a Facebook or Twitter post on page one of your search, but it’s not unusual to see Google+ postings, especially if they respond directly to your search.

Google wants you to use Google+ to promote your business, so do it. It’s free and easy, so make it happen.

Google AdWords

This feels a bit like cheating, but Google is a business. Your business is more likely to rank at number one if you pay for a Google AdWords campaign. Running a campaign isn’t difficult, but it can be a bit confusing. You might consider hiring someone to run your campaign for you.

The primary reason that Google might give for ranking companies that use Google AdWords higher is simply that they know that it’s a real business. People don’t pay marketing dollars to promote bogus businesses or fake pages.

If you Google “AdWords”, you’ll be taken to the AdWords page and the machine will help you set up a campaign.

The reality is that it’s one of the fastest ways to generate more business and more traffic. Page One will be yours if you simply let Google know how serious you are.

Go to Page One!

There are many other hints and suggestions that you might consider and lots of folks with advice. As we said at the beginning, this is all best guess, but it’s based on the best information available. Start with these three things and you will likely find that you’re moving up the ranks. Then work to fine-tune your website, and soon you’ll have the top spot on the most valuable real estate on the planet, Page One of Google.