Top 20 Most Lucrative Affiliate Programs

Affiliate marketing
Affiliate marketing

There are thousands of affiliate programs in the world. Knowing which ones are the best can be difficult. We’ve assembled a list of some of the most lucrative and highest rated affiliate programs available.

  1. Debt Relief

 Zip Debt – You can make up to $360 per sale with this program. One of the best features of their debt relief program is that it’s a do-it-yourself program, so it’s a much easier sell for lots of folks. They also offer several levels so you can capture many more people. Sign up here

2. Casino

Chipsplit -If you thought online poke- r in the US was dead, you’re wrong. It’s not asprevalent as it once was, before the government cracked down on all the big names, but there are still a lot of little fish swimming around out there – and many of them are managed by ChipSplit! Through ChipSplit, your poker and casino commissions are a whopping 40%, and sports revenue sharing is tiered, between 20% and 30%. Sign up here

3. Retirement and Finance

American Bullion – They offer a minimum of $30 per lead, $60 per inbound call, and $3,250 on $100,000 deposited by a referral. All the while, you’re’ helping someone to earn more money for their retirement. Sign up here

4. Wealth Building

BitBond – You can earn up to 50% commission. @0% of the origination fee for very borrower that is referred by you. 30% for every lender. You can make serious money. Sign up here

5. Sport Memorabilia

Steiner Sports – Sports memorabilia is a multi-billion dollar industry. You can tap into that with a ridiculous 13% commission on every sale. Sign up here

6. Insurance 

eHealth – Everyone needs health insurance and eHealth has over 4 million people enrolled in the US. You can earn $50 on an individual or family plan and even $10 on dental insurance sales. Sign up here

7. Crowdfunding

Patrimony Project – You can earn between 7 and 10% of the monies pledged for a business startup. So while people are funding a new startup, they are also funding you. Sign up here

8. Spy Gear

mSpy – You start at 50% commission and can go to 70% with over 299 sales. Spy gear is among the hottest selling items in the US right now and you can tap into a market that’s growing exponentially. Sign up here

9. Trading

Affcrunch – Trading stocks, bonds, and more has been the traditional way to make a great deal of money. Now you can make money of other people’s investment. You can make up to $350 on sales from over 200 countries. Making money from the global investment market has never been so easy. Sign up here

10. Forex

Best Forex Partners – The foreign exchange market has become one of the world’s most popular investments with the advent of the Internet and the ability to trade easily from home. Best Forex Partners pays 5% on each transaction. Sign up here

11. Medical Equipment

US Medical Supplies – With up to a 12% commission on orders over $1000 and the significant price of medical equipment, this is a great way to make a lot of money. US Medical Supplies is one of the most respected companies in the industry. Sign up here

12. Medical Conditions

AmeriGlide – helps people solve a problem that needs to be solved: how to get up and down stairs in one’s own home when walking up and down them is not an option. With AmeriGlide, disabled individuals are able to have mobility around their house once more. And you are able to make a fat commission (10% for all online orders, with most order exceeding $1,000!) each time a purchase is made. Sign up here

13. Sports Nutrition

Outlaw Protein and Energy Fuel – Sports is a multi-trillion dollar industry and sports nutrition is one of the fastest growing segments. Outlaw provides an 18% commissions on sales. The average sale is about $50, so that can easily turn into some great pocket change. Sign up here

14. Fitness

Pro-Form – One of the world’s leading manufacturers of exercise equipment offers commissions up to 11%. If you know someone putting in a gym, you might earn over $3000 on a single sale. Brand recognition, constant demand, and great commissions make this a perfect affiliate program. Sign up here

15. Weight Loss

Jillian Michaels – You can earn up to a 90% from one of the most famous names in weight loss. The “Meanest Trainer in America” has millions of fans who would love to lose weight with Jillian Michaels guidance. Sign up here

16. Dating

Anastasia’s – Love is probably the number one reason that people do anything. People looking for love spend billions every year. Anastasia’s pays up to $350 on a single sale and you can can get even more on subsequent orders. Sign up here

17. Real Estate – Buying a foreclosure is a geat way to save up to 50% off the cost of a home. pays up to a 75% commission. That means that you can earn up to $148.50 per sale. Sign up here

18. Jewelry

iDiamonds – Diamonds are forever and so is the diamond market. iDiamonds pays up to 12% on a sale. They specialize in making the diamond buying process simple and easy. Your commissions can get yo you that much faster. Sign up here

19. Loan

Zero Parallel – The short-term loan industry is booming. They charge high interest to high risk borrowers. In the case of zero parallel they pay up to $220 for a qualified lead. That can add up if you’re helping friends find loans to get them by. Sign up here

20. Travel

Travelpayouts – Earning money on a sale when someone books a trip is nice way to make money. Travelpayouts makes it easy. You can earn $9 from an airplane ticket and $20 per hotel booking. It’s easy for travelers to use and you earn money. Sign up here