Where Are Your Links Coming From?


One of the biggest mistakes a lot of search engine marketers make is that they isolate themselves from the rest of the Internet community. The websites they run are all completely anonymous, with no indication as to exactly who is writing the posts or who is behind the site. They never reach out to other sites for collaborative efforts, or to engage in conversation. And they are never active on other websites.

One thing most Web-goers appreciate is a site where they feel β€œat home.” In the long run, these are the sites people are more likely to spend their time on, and these are the sites they are more likely to link to. This is a big key to keep in mind when it comes to search engine marketing!

One of the best ways to build links is by first building relationships – and when you consider the fact that most of your competition does not take this step, this is something that can set you apart from them in the eyes of both users and search engines.

When people come to your site, be open about who you are, about what you do, and about how you can help them. When people comment on your site, comment back! And when people want to send you an email about something, make it easy for them to reach you, and make sure you respond quickly.

Furthermore, you should look to build relationships with other sites. If you find a site you appreciate, comment on this site. Send an email to the person who runs the site, and interact with them. Look for ways you can help them promote their site – this will lay the foundation of a relationship that will help your site flourish.

The core tasks of SEO should not be neglected; you should still focus on keywords and tags, and should still aim to generate backlinks outside of relationships. But if you hook up with WebFire and take advantage of all the awesome tools we offer, this will become an easy part of the process, and you can move onto the next important steps of building those relationships that will help your website succeed!