Traffic: Your Online Currency

Increase ranking concept. Businessman draw plan to increase ranking of his company or website.

Remember when you were a child, and you would go to Chuck E. Cheese’s (or when your children were children, and you would take them to Chuck E. Cheese’s), and you would get tickets from the games you played? And at the end of your time there, you could go to the Chuck E. Cheese store, and you could trade in the big stack of tickets you had accumulated for a brand new toy? Well, that’s what traffic is like online – traffic is your pile of tickets. And the bigger this pile of tickets is, the bigger the “toy” you will be able to exchange it for.

Of course, this is a simplistic way of looking at online business – but the truth is, it is sometimes beneficial to look at online business in a simple manner.
Because the nuances and the idiosyncrasies of online business (and of SEO, and of everything else that goes with it) can sometimes get so complicated and downright overwhelming, it is important that all your efforts in these areas point toward one thing: a quest to gain more traffic. And in the end, there is no “right” or “wrong” way to chase traffic – there are only ways that work, and ways that don’t work. And these may be different for every different person, and for every different site.

If you have been trying for a while to make money online, and have been wondering what on earth you can do differently to finally achieve success (perhaps thinking that you need to change the design of your site, or need to start plugging a different product, or need to put more exclamation points throughout your site), it may help you to hit the brakes on all this and instead find a way to simplify things.

Ask yourself: What can I do to get more traffic on my site?

And after you have asked yourself this, start implementing the ideas you come up with!
The websites that achieve the most success are often those that take unique approaches that no other sites are taking – and that find that they can build traffic through these unique approaches, and that find their profits climbing upward as a result.